Welcome to The Psychology Center at the Carbone Clinic

Through compassion we respect the nature of our cross-cultural experiences and empower individuals to be active participants in their health and healing.

The Psychology Center at the Carbone Clinic is a well-established boutique mental health out-patient facility serving individuals, couples and families across the United Arab Emirates. Complementary to the specialized services for children with special needs, The Psychology Center offers comprehensive and holistic mental health services to people who struggle with various psychological disorders or problems in living. We provide a range of short term and long term therapies from multiple theoretical backgrounds that best serve our diverse clientele in a discrete, warm and highly-confidential atmosphere.

In addition to classical and modern psychotherapies, we also provide expert special education consultations and psycho-educational assessments to serve individuals of all ages with special needs. Our licensed clinicians deliver focused and accurate assessments and collaborate with educators to assist students develop to their highest potential in school and beyond.

The Psychology Center also provides streamlined psychological care for those who return to the UAE after seeking in-patient or specialized mental health treatment in another country. When necessary we liase with other treatment facilities, specialized mental health professionals and special education experts in our well-established global network.

Our selective team of professionals have broad and extensive experiences working in the United Arab Emirates or their home countries and are dedicated to supporting both the local and expatriate communities. We are licensed in our home countries and with Dubai Healthcare City, and provide services in several languages, including, English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Greek.